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Celebrating the 13th Anniversary of the Foundation of AEC

Date:2017-05-29 17:28:09  Hits: 2973 times

September 23, 2015 witnesses the 13th anniversary of the establishment of AEC. Our company has held a series of activities to celebrate this special day and further to enhance the cohesion and solidarity among company members and those teamwork games includes tug-of-war, celebration party, products-related PKs, etc.  

Product Protection Games 

In order to celebrate the 13th anniversary of AEC, the higher officials decided to hold a product protection game with a theme of I Love My Products during September 1st~ October 9th. This game is planned by the HR dept., executed by the production dept. and participated by all workers in the workshops. It aims to raise workers’ awareness of product protection to decrease the product scrapping rate due to poor appearance as well as increase the yielding rate. Currently, all participants do their best to gain the victory.


On September 22, an interesting tug-of-war, led by heads of all depts., was held in the football court. Before the game starts, every voted for the team of would-be champion and speak out our shared slogan—Believe in selves, believe in the team.

After several rounds of fierce competition, team 4 led by Sales Manager won the first prize, and team 1, black horse of the game, won the second place and the persistent team 5 led by the Production dept. ranked the third. 

This game plays a great role in enhancing teamwork of all members. Nobody gives himself or the team up even in the hardest time and everyone demonstrates the enthusiasm, devotion and persistence which should be kept all the time.

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